Danny Foley

About Danny Foley

Danny is entering his tenth year as a high-performance coach and injury management specialist and has predominantly worked with high level military and injured athletes over the years. Danny is currently the Director of Injury Restoration and Performance at Bachik Methods (Addison, Texas) where he specializes in severe injury management and return to play concepts for current and retired professional athletes. Previously, Danny spent six years as the Head Strength Coach at Virginia High Performance, where he specialized in working with Navy SEAL and Naval Special Operations Command personnel (Naval Special Warfare Development Group). Through his work at Virginia High Performance, Danny has become very proficient working with complex injuries, brain injuries, and high performing athletes within an interdisciplinary setting.

He is the Co-founder of Rude Rock Strength and Conditioning (2018), which is an online based platform providing training and a variety of educational content to individuals worldwide. More recently, through his partnership with Bachik Methods, Danny has launched his flagship program, The Athlete Restoration Project, which is an interdisciplinary program designed for retired professional athletes and individuals embattling pain or injury.

Danny received both his bachelors and master’s degrees in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University and holds his CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D, and USAW certifications. Over the years he has established himself as a fascial expert having presented numerous times both nationally and internationally on the subject. Moreover, he has published hundreds of articles and webinars on fascia and other performance related topics. Danny has been a prominent contributor for the SimpliFaster organization since 2019.