Danny Foley

About Danny Foley

Danny is currently an independent high-performance coach and Co-founder of Rude Rock Strength and Conditioning (established 2018). Through Rude Rock, Danny is currently working to develop the foundations of the business while undertaking more of an entrepreneurial role to grow. He is also set to release his first major product, Fascia Chronicles, which will be released in October 2022 and hosted through SimpliFaster.

While currently seeking to transition back into the sport performance world, Danny spent the previous six years as the head strength and conditioning coach at Virginia High Performance, where he specialized in working with Special Operations Command (Naval Special Warfare Development Group) personnel. Through his work at Virginia High Performance, Danny has become very proficient working with complex injuries and high performing athletes within an interdisciplinary setting.

Danny has also become well known for his fascial-based training concepts and applications. He has presented both nationally and internationally on the subject, while publishing over 20 articles and hours of webinar content on fascial-based training. Danny is also a prominent contributor as an author for SimpliFaster. He currently holds his CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D, and USAW certifications, and received both his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University.