Sami Kaartinen

About Sami Kaartinen

Sami Kaartinen is a former professional ice hockey player (1998–2015), a doctoral student at the University of Eastern Finland (Sports and Exercise Medicine), and an S&C coach at KalPa Hockey (an elite league in Finland), where he is also in charge of skating coaching. Sami is the co-founder and chairman of Pro Prospect, which offers services to optimize the performance of individual athletes, mainly ice hockey players. He is studying skating biomechanics to offer tools to players and knowledge to coaches to help them improve their roles.

Sami has worked with all levels of hockey players, from very young beginners and junior World Championship athletes to Olympic athletes and professional hockey players in top European leagues and the NHL, helping them become better athletes and skaters. He has also had the opportunity to share his skating knowledge with coaches all over Europe.