John Abbott

About John Abbott

John Abbott is a Ph.D. student in the Sport Physiology and Performance program at Eastern Tennessee State University. Originally from southern New Jersey, John earned his B.S. in Kinesiology and M.S. in Exercise and Sport Physiology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. As a former DII competitive diver and competitive cyclist, John is eager to combine his passion for power and agility with endurance sports. He has served as a strength and conditioning coach in two private-sector strength facilities, working with high school athletes as well as the Junior Flyers Developmental Hockey program.

John also worked with Cadence Cycling and Multisport in Philadelphia, PA, as an exercise physiologist, bicycle fitter, and mechanic. He conducted VO2 maximum, lactate threshold, and metabolic efficiency tests on amateur and elite-level athletes, and performed bicycle fittings using Retul technology. His research interests include: strength training’s effect on endurance athletes, wearable technology, and muscle oxygenation-based training, as well as bicycle fit modifications and their effect on performance.