Derick Grant

About Derick Grant

Derick Grant has experienced challenging moments in his life. These moments caused him to stumble and sometimes start over. But he knew these were the defining moments by which his most significant victories would be measured. He reflects on the fact that his belief and focus on his dreams were what helped him through challenging times. As a former professional athlete for the Harlem Globetrotters, Derick understands what is needed to perform at a high level.

In his TEDx speech “Minding Your Mind: What the Great Ones Don’t Tell You,” Derick spoke about the importance of cultivating your mindset as much as you develop your skill set. He is now living through his passion, helping people realize their hidden potential. He has a successful coaching firm that helps people gain an elite-level mindset, and his mentorship has produced professional athletes, corporate executives, and many others.

As one of the most sought-after performance mindset coaches in the world, Derick lives by the motto, “You will always only ever be whatever you think you are,” teaching people to first believe in themselves, and then they will see the results. Some of his current clients include Kyle Guy of the Sacramento Kings (NBA), Joe Reed of the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL), and Tyasha Harris of the Dallas Wings (WNBA).