Mike Croskery

About Mike Croskery

Mike Croskery (B.Sc. H.K.) is a clinical exercise physiologist and a CSEP High Performance Specialist™ certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. In 1995, he started Myomax Performance, an exercise science consulting business. Mike has more than 25 years of full-time experience working with well over 1,000 clients, including elite athletes, professionals in physically demanding occupations, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with a wide variety of limitations and health concerns. His experience in muscle growth, strength training, and disease prevention has led to the development of several books, including Weight Training for a New Body (2004).

As an exercise science consultant in human performance, Mike has experience testing and evaluating individuals from professional, national, and international athletic teams and performance-oriented occupations in order to design specific training routines to attain their goals. His current area of interest is in improving muscle physiology and performance through combining EMG analysis and inertial sensor monitoring. Mike can be reached through his website at www.myomaxfitness.com.