Håkan Andersson

About Håkan Andersson

Håkan Andersson has been coaching sprints for almost 40 years. His knowledge of applied sprinting and sport science is one of balance. The impact of his coaching can be seen in the athletes he has coached and the education he has provided.

Coach Andersson has served as national team coach for the Swedish national track and field team and personal coach to some of Sweden’s most successful sprint runners, including Peter Karlsson (6.58/10.18/9.98w), Johan Wissman (20.30/44.56), Torbjörn Eriksson (10.30/20.58), Tom Kling Baptiste (6.65/10.27), and Stefan Tärnhuvud (6.67/10.35), to name a few.

He has also served as a coach and advisor at the elite and Olympic levels in swimming, boxing, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Andersson is a requested lecturer in Sweden and has also been invited to speak in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Canada, England, Scotland, Slovenia, Qatar, and the U.S.

Håkan Andersson is presently employed by The High-Performance Center in Växjö, Sweden, as a lecturer and senior advisor in speed and strength-related matters.