Tony Villani

About Tony Villani

Tony Villani created XPE Sports in 2002 and has trained many top athletes in the world, most notably in the NFL. He loves creating speed in athletes, as shown by almost 20 number one 40-yard dash finishes at the NFL Combine, but more recently he has dived into creating a Game Speed and Separation Movement Web curriculum. This “Web” helps athletes, coaches, and trainers alike understand how to use speed and agility correctly to win on the field of play. Tony likes to say, “If speed is king, then agility is the queen that keeps the king moving in the right direction.”

Notable athletes trained during his first decade were WR Cris Carter, WR Randy Moss, WR Hines Ward, RB Jamal Lewis, RB Dorsey Levens, LB Takeo Spikes, and DE Osi Umenyoria. The second decade under XPE Sports only got better as notable athletes included WR Anquan Boldin, DB Darelle Revis, S Eric Berry, DB Stephon Gilmore, RB Mark Ingram, OL Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, LB LaVonte David, TE Travis Kelce, S Justin Simmons, and many more. These names are important to Tony because he feels as though people think he “trained” them, but they were actually teaching and training him how to pass along knowledge and train others.

Currently, Tony spends most of his time training athletes in Fort Lauderdale at XPE Sports with Matt Gates and his off-time with the development of the SHREDmill, a manually powered treadmill that is a key piece of XPE’s speed training.