Steffan Jones

About Steffan Jones

Steffan Jones is the last dual professional sportsman in the U.K., having played three years of professional rugby and 20 years of professional cricket. He is currently the Director of Sports Performance at a private school in England and a global fast bowling consultant. He is the fast bowling development coach for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, and he also consults with individual fast bowlers, javelin throwers, and pitchers around the world.

Jones is in a unique position because he not only played the sport, but he is a qualified sports scientist, a UKSCA qualified strength and conditioning coach, and a Level 3 qualified technical coach. Additionally, Steffan is the only cricket coach to be qualified in teaching the Lila movement Exogen suit, which he regards as the #1 specific strength tool in the business. His focus on specific strength includes weighted ball bowling, the application of the Bondarchuk classification, and the utilization of isometric training as part of his “skill-stability training.”