Matt Nussbaum

About Matt Nussbaum

Matt Nussbaum is a USA Boxing Certified Boxing coach located in New Orleans. He has an unusual background as a boxing coach, having spent the last 20 years in the U.S. State Department analyzing global business with a specialty in complex pattern recognition. He started boxing at 45 and became a professional boxing manager and assistant trainer at 49. Over the last 10 years, Nussbaum has worked corners on HBO, PBC, NBC, ESPN, Frank Warren, and Showtime fights.

Nussbaum is also a boxing equipment innovator. Along with top trainer Joel Diaz (one of Golden Boy’s top trainers) and Fred Kassi (retired heavyweight), he developed and patented a new style of mitts called flex-mitts that, along with the right technique, greatly reduces the stress on a trainer’s shoulder from mittwork. He developed Bluetooth work rate monitors that capture both the punching and blocking activity of the fighter to assess and train overall work rate more effectively than traditional punch counters. He also developed shoe inserts to improve first-step agility by shifting weight to the balls of the feet. In training, Nussbaum has taken boxing out of the gym and into a park to combine his two passions—boxing and being outdoors. He uses the humidity and heat of the Deep South as a “training aid” and claims to have the boxing gym with the most bird species in it! His entire training philosophy can be summed up in one word: Improve.