Jenna Bam

About Jenna Bam

Jenna Bam received her undergraduate degree in sport science and honors degree in high performance at Stellenbosch University, after which she went on to intern with the Stormers (a professional rugby team in South Africa). This internship taught her a lot about strength and conditioning and helped her build many connections. Jenna continued her studies with a master’s in exercise science at the University of Cape Town, where she did her thesis on subjective load monitoring from a skill perspective and its variability between different training sessions and playing positions in rugby union. After that, she worked as a performance analyst for a local university’s rugby side.

Jenna learned a lot about video and GPS analysis through connections, and she began doing the analysis and load monitoring for the rugby team. She initially used Catapult but has since moved to Statsport. She uses Hudl Sportscode for analysis and Phaseplay for load monitoring. Jenna recently joined the South African Netball team as a video analyst in their campaign leading up to the Netball World Cup.