Darcy Norman

About Darcy Norman

Working over 20 years in the human performance industry in multiple roles, Darcy's past 10 years have primarily been focused on creating and implementing methodologies, applied data, building strategic relations, hiring, training and managing medical, rehab, fitness, nutrition, psychology and sport science staff at the highest level. Having lived and worked in four countries with scores of invitations for speaking engagements around the world, Darcy’s professional relationships and networking span the globe in all sports.

Understanding the body in motion, Darcy feels fortunate to have been on the front end of the human performance industry, working side by side with numerous sports performance leaders: individuals, teams, men and women. His strengths continue to evolve in big picture implementation while never overlooking the importance of details. Currently, Darcy is Lead Performance Strategist for Kitman Labs and Performance Coach with the US Men's National Soccer Team.