Andrew Vigotsky

About Andrew Vigotsky

Andrew Vigotsky is a biomedical engineering PhD candidate and statistics MS student at Northwestern University, where he develops and applies analytical tools to neuroimaging, psychophysics, and self-report data to better understand acute and chronic pain neurophysiology. Before attending Northwestern, Andrew graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology from Arizona State University (ASU). It was during his undergraduate studies that he started getting involved in research; in particular, biomechanics research.

After finishing his B.S., Andrew spent a year completing prerequisites for graduate school while splitting his time between the Hospital for Special Surgery and CUNY Lehman. At HSS, he completed work in the area of musculoskeletal modeling, and at CUNY Lehman, he carried out resistance training studies. Andrew carried out his M.S. work at Northwestern in neuromuscular biomechanics, where he investigated the relationships between ankle stiffness, modeled muscle stiffness, and shear-wave velocity in the plantar flexors.